The Washington Post Express may be a bit Gender Confused

Today the Washington Post express paper has an article about the big planned Anti-Trump Women’s march.

The only problem is the graphic they put together for the cover got one eenie-weenie minor detail wrong.


Now let’s see what’s wrong here.  It’s a march made up of women.  A Women’s march.  For Women.  Just Ladies.  Dames, Broads, Females.

And that is the symbol for Male.  For example:


The Necklace Austin Powers wears.  ‘One silver medalion with MALE symbol’ as they say in the first film.

SO someone at the Washington Post either got the gender symbol wrong, or perhaps they just don’t SEE Gender.  They had a 50/50 shot, really.

We expect an ‘explanation’ that it’s just ‘Women marching AGAINST MALES’ or some such thing.  Still funny!

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