Larry O’Connor’s Daily Radar Report 02.09.18

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Has Metro’s ridership turnaround arrived? Not yet, budget staff says (The Washington Post)

Metro officials are forecasting decreases in ridership and revenue next year, and officials are poring over the system’s recent performance statistics for clues as to where to focus their efforts to curb the drop-off.

The projections for the coming budget, presented at Thursday’s meeting of the Metro board finance committee…[Read More]

Website offers fake doctor’s notes ‘guaranteed to work’ (WJLA)

 Let’s face it; sometimes you just don’t feel like going to work. So perhaps you tell a little white lie and call out sick But that little fib is costing American businesses big bucks.

According to a Forbes Magazine estimate, sick days cost the U.S. economy $273 billion dollars each year. But a business now booming online will sell you a custom made doctors note to get you out of work, school, or just about anything else. [Read More]

Oxford study saying Trump supporters share more fake news is fake news (Fox News)

An Oxford University study being spread by mainstream news outlets that claims Trump supporters share the most fake news is itself fake news.

Researchers at the Computational Propaganda Project, who are the recipients of over $200,000 in taxpayer funding, spent “several years” developing its “junk news” list, which is actually full of the most popular conservative websites on the internet.

Websites on the researchers’ “watch list” of propaganda news outlets include the Washington Free Beacon, the Daily Caller, National Review, and the Drudge Report, which is the seventh most highly visited media publication in the United States. [Read More]

Democrats see no leverage left to push DACA fix with budget deal done (Washington Examiner)

Democrats say they have little leverage left to pressure Republicans to call up a bill addressing the legal status of Dreamers now that Congress has passed a budget deal that boosted defense and domestic spending caps, and lifted the debt ceiling for a year.

The budget agreement set spending levels for the next two years, and it passed as part of a short-term spending bill that included billions in disaster relief with 73 Democrats joining most Republicans in support of the measure. The Democrats who opposed the deal because it didn’t include a fix for the 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program now have little hope that legislation will be passed by the March 5 deadline imposed by Trump, if at all. [Read More]

Driver’s licenses could soon be replaced by cell phone apps (Fox News)

Your driver’s license could be replaced by a cellphone app if a pilot program involving four states and the District of Columbia works out.

“We see great utility in the future with mobile driver’s licenses that don’t exist today with the physical plastic cards,” said Paul Grassi with the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. “With innovation occurring on mobile platforms it almost makes too much sense to add this as an option.” [Read More]

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