Chicago to build school on top of 38,000 unmarked graves

Clearly these people have never seen a horror movie,

The Chicago Tribune reports that a school in Chicago that has been in the works for years has an odd hiccup:

The $70 million school is to be built on the grounds of a former Cook County Poor House where an estimated 38,000 people were buried in unmarked graves. Among the dead are residents who were too poor to afford funeral costs, unclaimed bodies and patients from the county’s insane asylum.

So not just graves but graves of the insane?  Perfect place for a school!

“There can be and there have been bodies found all over the place,” said Barry Fleig, a genealogist and cemetery researcher who began investigating the site in 1989. “It’s a spooky, scary place.”

While the site contracts indicate it will be a middle school, Ald. Nicholas Sposato, 38th, said he is confident the campus will be either a new four-year high school for the Dunning neighborhood or a freshman academy for Taft High School.

“I’m sure they’re gonna be on top of some graves, but this is progress,” Sposato said. “It’s an economic boom for the community.”

Well there’s only one reaction:



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