Larry O’Connor’s Daily Radar Report 04.25.18

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TURF WAR: Parents protest artificial turf approved by Montgomery County school board (Fox 5 DC)

Kids in sports spend hours on the field. And to remain competitive, Montgomery County wants to continue to add artificial turf fields to its schools.

“Grass does not support the kind of usage that these high schools have,” explained Andrew Hosker, a Montgomery County parent.

But it’s a question of safety for kids who play sports. [Read More]

New Redskins receiver claims Virginia trooper asked if he was gang member (The Washington Post)

A newly acquired Washington Redskins player said he was pulled over Tuesday by a Virginia state trooper who asked him whether he was a gang member and expressed the belief that he dealt drugs.

The player, Paul Richardson Jr., made the claim in a tweet that was later deleted. However, television stations showed images of it. The tweet was brought to the attention of state police, which said the matter was under review.

In a statement, police said that no formal complaint had been filed but that they were looking into the matter. The review would extend to the trooper’s “in-car camera footage of the traffic stop” to determine whether it conformed to state police policy, the police said. [Read More]

More Companies Should Let Moms Take Baby To Work Like Tammy Duckworth (The Federalist)

Sen. Tammy Duckworth received smiles and warm congrats as she made her way into the Senate chamber with her 10-day-old baby Maile last week. Rare changes to Senate rules opened the opportunity for senators to bring babies to the floor for votes. Considering rules require you must vote in person, this makes total sense, and the rule was passed by unanimous vote.

It’s time for more workplaces to embrace policies that support early motherhood working experiences. It’s empowering to women and contributes to decreasing the wage gap for a variety of reasons. [Read More]

Aware of disparities, Montgomery County wants to weigh ‘equity’ in making policy decisions (The Washington Post)

Maryland’s largest jurisdiction is poised to create a new policy mandating that all its actions be weighed against how they might affect equity — racial and otherwise — among its roughly 1 million residents.

The Montgomery County Council voted unanimously Tuesday to develop the policy, which mirrors similar efforts underway in Seattle, Takoma Park and Fairfax County. This month, Baltimore City Council member Brandon M. Scott (D), who is running for lieutenant governor, proposed creating a racial equity program and a multimillion-dollar fund to assist efforts to attack institutional racism in that city. [Read More]

Teacher Accused of Bullying Middle School Student About Trump (Fox News)

An Indiana man is accusing his son’s 8th-grade Spanish teacher of bullying and pushing a political agenda on students.

Todd Hein claims that his son Jacob was shamed in front of his classmates by the teacher at Blackhawk Middle School in Fort Wayne,  after he cited Fox News as his source for an assignment.

On “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Hein explained that each week students are assigned to translate a news article into Spanish. For one of his assignments, Jacob chose a article about a U.S. Navy jet’s encounter with a UFO. [Read More]

Baltimore Mayor Tries to Address City’s Violence by Telling Businesses When to Close (PJ Media)

The city of Baltimore has a real problem. It’s been suffering from a wave of violence for some time now. Residents of the city thought it was over. After all, the murder rate for the first three months of this year dropped significantly, undoubtedly a good sign.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

This month, the city has seen at least 29 murders as the violence surged yet again. This led Mayor Catherine E. Pugh to take to the streets to visit some local businesses. One of the exchanges recorded by the Baltimore Sun was a little concerning, though. [Read More]

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