Elrich Claims Victory in Democratic Primary Race For Montgomery County Executive


John Matthews

ROCKVILLE — (WMAL) It looks like an 80 vote margin may have decided the Democrats’ choice for Montgomery County Executive.

Marc Elrich has that lead over David Blair after a weekend in which more than 5,000 provisional and absentee ballots were counted. The official tally – for now – has 37,529 votes for Elrich, a County council member, and 37,449 for Blair, a businessman.

The race will not be certified until next week, but Elrich has already claimed victory in a press release, thanking supporters and saying he looks forward to the general election, where he would face Republican Robin Ficker.

“It is an honor to have been chosen by Montgomery County’s Democrats to represent the party in the general election,” Elrich said in the release. “Especially given the big-money interests and often-hostile media environment we were up against, the fact that we were still able to win is a testament to the grassroots efforts of the thousands of activists throughout the county who supported my campaign. I look forward to the general election and continuing to work hand-in-hand with residents and the new County Council to address the problems and challenges we face while we work to enhance our quality of life.”

Blair, a political newcomer, could ask for a recount once the results are official. He may or may not be left to pay the tab for that depending on the outcome.

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