LISTEN: RAHEEM KASSAM Previewed President Trump’s Trip To Europe And His UK Visit

INTERVIEW – RAHEEM KASSAM – Former Chief of Staff to Brexit leader Nigel Farage @RaheemKassam ‏ — previewed President Trump heading to Europe: NATO Summit and UK trip

  • NATO: Trump’s Europe trip: Where he’s going on his 7-day visit with NATO allies. (USA Today) — President Donald Trump departs Tuesday for the seventh foreign trip of his presidency, visiting Western European countries and then sitting down for a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In combining meetings with NATO and British allies with a Russian tete-a-tete, Trump will display two hallmarks of his foreign policy: Getting tough on allies and trading partners over their defense spending and trade policies, while opening the door to better relations with longtime adversaries like Russia, China and North Korea. Trump is expected to make four stops over the seven days: Brussels; London; Glasgow, Scotland; and Helsinki.
  • UK TRIP: Theresa May is facing the most serious crisis of her premiership after her foreign secretary and minister in charge of Brexit resigned within hours of each other. David Davis, the Brexit secretary, and his colleague Boris Johnson dramatically quit over what they see as a watering down of the UK’s position on leaving the European Union. So what does this mean for the British Prime Minister, and what will happen to Brexit?
  • London: A long-awaited visit: Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom ends nearly six months of missed opportunities, scheduling conflicts and speculation about the state of the “special relationship.” Indeed, Trump has waited longer to visit the closest U.S. ally than any modern president – except for Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford, who skipped the country entirely.  In just over 24 hours in England beginning Thursday afternoon, he will attend a black-tie business dinner at Blenheim Palace, working meetings with Prime Minister Theresa May at her country home at Chequers, and a tea-time visit with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. He will travel to most of those meetings by helicopter, meaning he can likely avoid the large-scale protests in central London, including a giant “Baby Trump” blimp.


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