LISTEN: Meteorologists Analyze The Latest Path Of Hurricane Florence

INTERVIEW – RAY STAGICH – Weather Channel meteorologist — latest on path of hurricane and how it will impact the DC area

  • Hurricane Florence in Washington region: The worst is likely to stay south. (Washington Post) – Hurricane Florence may unleash “catastrophic flash flooding” in the Carolinas, and the excessive rainfall could easily creep into Virginia. But, based on the best available computer model forecasts, the storm’s extreme rainfall is likely to remain south of Washington. However, even as the storm’s effects on the region may be diminished, they may not be entirely denied. There is still some chance that the region will endure disruptive rain and wind from the storm. This risk increases as you head south into central Virginia toward Charlottesville and Richmond, and especially southern and southwestern Virginia. In addition, even if the storm’s center remains well south of the Washington region, there may still be a push of seawater up the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay sufficient to cause some flooding along its shores.

INTERVIEW – JOHN TROUT – WMAL’s Meteorologist (IN STUDIO) – shared the latest on path of hurricane and how it will impact the DC area.


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