Republican Running in Democratic County Embraces Some of President’s Stances, Not Others

Heather Curtis

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – It’s an uphill battle running as a Republican in Democratic Montgomery County, but county executive candidate Robin Ficker is embracing the challenge optimistically.

“I’m going to win,” Ficker said.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has found traction for re-election as a Republican in a blue state in part by distancing himself from President Donald Trump. When asked whether he’ll take a nod from Hogan or publicly support the president, Ficker said he’s embracing the people of Montgomery County and will be their advocate.

Ficker said whether he agrees with the president or not depends on the issue at hand.

“I certainly like the way the economy is doing now,” Ficker said, citing gains in the stock market and economic growth. Ficker said economic growth could bring more private sector jobs to Montgomery County.

Ficker did not point out specific issues where he disagrees with the president’s stance.

Ficker’s confidence that he’ll win comes in large part from the passage of Question B in 2016, which he petitioned to get on the ballot. Nearly 70 percent of people who cast ballots in that election voted in favor of Question B, which created term limits for Montgomery County councilors and the county executive.

“If people want change, I’m their choice, and many people in Montgomery County want change as evidenced by the huge vote in favor of term limits,” Ficker said.

Ficker’s running against Democratic candidate for county executive Marc Elrich and Independent Nancy Floreen.

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