CNN Proves Clapper and Comey Deserve to Be in Jail More Than Flynn

CNN just released an article highlighting two lies that General Michael Flynn made to the FBI. Those two lies are: “no” and I don’t know.”

“Special counsel Robert Mueller has released a January 2017 memo detailing the FBI’s interview that month with Michael Flynn. The memo describes how Flynn downplayed the approach he had taken in his discussions with Kislyak when FBI agents asked about the discussions in the January 2017 interview” CNN wrote.

“He told the agents that “no,” he had not sought to influence Russia’s vote on a United Nations Security Council resolution about Israeli settlements. But investigators knew, according to charging documents filed last year, that Flynn had asked for Russia to vote against or delay the resolution.”

 Anyone remember when James Clapper, the Former United States Director of National Intelligence, lied under oath to the Senate?

“Flynn’s second lie, as described in the FBI memo, came in response to the agents asking him about the US’s expulsion of Russian diplomats or closing Russian properties following the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 election. They asked him if he had encouraged Kislyak not to retaliate.” CNN wrote.

 “Flynn responded, ‘Not really. I don’t remember. It wasn’t, don’t do anything,’  the memo said. But the FBI knew that Flynn had asked Russia on that call not to escalate its response to the US.”

However, during his closed door hearing on Capitol Hill, Former FBI Director James Comey, said “I dont know” how many times?


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Photo: CNN


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