Larry O’Connor’s Radar Report 01.10.19

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Maryland Gov. Hogan describes plans to fight crime in Baltimore, including 200 officers to target gangs (The Baltimore Sun)

Calling the level of violence in Baltimore “completely unacceptable,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan described Tuesday a crackdown that’s bringing in 200 law enforcement officers in a “strike force” to fight crime and expansion of a program in which defendants are prosecuted in federal court.

“People who live in Baltimore are rightfully scared,” Hogan said at his Baltimore office, flanked by law enforcement leaders from around the state. “They don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Citizens across the state are outraged by the daily headlines of this rampant gang violence. … They’re crying out for somebody to do something to stop these killings.” [Read More]

School District To Conduct Countywide Boundary Study (Bethesda Beat)

Pressured by increasing enrollment and evolving demographics, the Montgomery County school board will hire an outside consultant to examine boundary changes for schools.Several students spoke at a Tuesday meeting where a resolution calling for the study – believed to be the first comprehensive look at the makeup of the school district’s roughly 20 clusters — was passed. [Read More]

After 47 years, Virginia lawmakers take first step toward ratifying Equal Rights Amendment (Daily Press)

Virginia lawmakers took a first step toward ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment Wednesday during a busier-than-usual opening day of the 2019 General Assembly.

In a packed committee room filled with supporters and opponents of a resolution that could give men and women equal rights under the U.S. Constitution, the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee voted 8-6 to bring the resolution to the full Senate. [Read More]

Americans aren’t making enough babies to replace ourselves (NBC News)

Americans are having fewer and fewer babies, a new government report finds. In fact, we now aren’t making enough babies to replace ourselves.

For the population to reproduce itself at current numbers, the “total fertility rate” needs to be 2,100 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age over their lifetime, researchers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in their report, released early Thursday. But the latest data show a current rate of just 1,765.5 per 1,000, or 16 percent below the number needed to keep the population stable without additions through immigration. [Read More]

Bible studies class bill under fire in North Dakota (Fox News)

North Dakota legislators have proposed a bill allowing public high schools to offer an elective Bible studies class as part of its social studies curriculum.

“The intention of this bill is to provide an option to schools to teach a class on the bible from a historical perspective,” State Rep. Aaron McWilliams, R-Hillsboro, a co-sponsor of the bill, told Fox News. “My position is that no religious text should be excluded from being taught as it relates to the historical or philosophical influences in our history or on our society today.” [Read More]

Pompeo rebukes Obama in Egypt: ‘The age of self-inflicted American shame is over’ (Washington Examiner)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared an end to “the age of of self-inflicted American shame” in Cairo on Thursday, in a speech intended to repudiate then-President Barack Obama’s 2009 address to the region.

“America is a force for good in the Middle East,” Pompeo told an assembly at the American University. “We need to acknowledge that truth, because if we don’t, we make bad choices.”

Pompeo cited Obama’s Cairo address, in which he said the September 11 terrorist attacks “led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals” through the use of torture in counterterrorism, as an example of U.S. self-doubt that caused American power to acquiesce to the Islamic State and other horrors in the region. He repudiated those misgivings to defend the U.S. role in the region, even as allies worry about an American withdrawal under President Trump. [Read More]

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