Cowboys For Trump Make Their Way To The District

Juan Herrera

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – Cowboys For Trump, a group of horseback riders carrying flags supporting the president, are riding through the Washington D.C. area today after starting their journey from Cumberland, Maryland on Feb. 15.

“Cowboys for Trump is an organization founded upon like minded Americans who are concerned about the direction of our country,” the group posted on their Facebook account. “We believe that the liberal progressive agenda is drastically moving us away from the identifying principles that make us proud to be American.”

Earlier this morning, the group arrived at the Arlington National Cemetery, on their way to the White House.

According to a post on the group’s Facebook account, the purpose of the ride is to show support to President Trump and the nation. The group said their three main concerns are securing the nation’s southern border, protecting the unborn and preserving the Second Amendment.

“We believe we are a nation of laws and want to see those laws upheld,” the group posted. “As a nation, we must stand behind President Trump and his push for strong border security.”

Here’s a video the group posted on their Facebook account of them riding through Downtown Washington:

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