Larry O’Connor’s Radar Report 04.12.19

Curious about today’s topics on The Larry O’Connor Show? Below are a few stories on the radar. Be sure to listen to The Larry O’Connor Show Monday – Friday 3pm – 6pm on WMAL.

Georgetown students endorse slavery reparations fund in vote (FOX 5 DC)

Georgetown University undergraduates have voted in favor of a referendum seeking the establishment of a fund benefiting the descendants of enslaved people sold to pay off the school’s debts.

The $27.20-per-semester fee would create one of the first reparations funds at a major U.S. institution. In an early Friday statement, university administrator Todd Olson didn’t commit to the fund’s establishment, but said Thursday’s non-binding vote provided “valuable insight into student perspectives.” [Read More]

Legislators rue their rush to wade in on Richmond scandals (Inside NOVA)

If they had to do it all over, members of Arlington’s legislative delegation acknowledge it might have been better to hit the pause button before rushing in to judge the actions of embattled statewide officeholders.

In the words of Del. Rip Sullivan (D-48th): “Take a breath.”

Comments about the imbroglios of the commonwealth’s governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general came as the seven members of the Arlington delegation to the General Assembly participated in the Leadership Center for Excellence’s annual legislative breakfast. [Read More]

US spies: Assange faces slew of extra charges and life in prison (Washington Examiner)

Julian Assange was arrested in Britain on a single charge of conspiracy but that is almost certainly just the opening salvo by the United States as prosecutors draw up more serious charges that could well result in the WikiLeaks founder spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Former CIA officers point to the colossal scope of the classified information dumps perpetrated by the Australian national, 47, and argue that he was responsible for American deaths. Few people are more despised by the American intelligence and criminal justice communities. Using a single, straightforward, and relatively minor charge is a common legal tactic designed to speed up an extradition process. [Read More]

Mitch McConnell tells 2020 Republicans to run ‘independent’ of Trump (The Washington Times)

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republican senators running for re-election next year should not couple their messaging to President Trump but rather run “independent” campaigns built around how they’ve helped their states.

The Kentucky Republican, who is himself up for reelection, said senators’ races are big enough that they can escape the gravity of the presidential race and establish themselves on their own. [Read More]

Mike Rowe: The college admissions scandal is ‘outrageous,’ but the real crime is the cost of education (FOX News)

Television host and author Mike Rowe believes that the American people should be just as outraged with the skyrocketing cost of higher education as they are with the celebrities exposed in the college admissions cheating scandal.

Rowe, who is best known for his Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs,” also argues in favor of more vocational jobs and said that “not everyone has to go to college” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday. [Read More]



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