LISTEN: JOE DIGENOVA: I Would Like To See Mueller Testify. The Questions Are Endless… What Mueller Did Was A Disgrace.


INTERVIEW – JOE DIGENOVA – legal analyst and former U.S. Attorney to the District of Columbia

  • SHOULD MUELLER TESTIFY: Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.)  says Mueller Agrees to Tentatively Testify Before House on May 15… THEN WALKS IT BACK. TWEET: TRUMP Says Mueller Shouldn’t Testify
  • CNN ANCHOR LOSES IT: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota lets her anti-Trump bias fly in wake of Mueller report: ‘Sorry if I sound like they’ve broken my spirit’
  • Comey defends FBI’s investigation in response to NYT ‘spying’ report.
  • PAPADOPOULOS’ SPY WAS LIKELY CIA: Reporter won’t say if ‘sexy blonde’ who targeted Papadopoulos worked for FBI.


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