LISTEN: JOE DIGENOVA: Adam Schiff Says He’s Going To Subpoena Mueller. Please Do. We All Want Him To Testify.

INTERVIEW – JOE DIGENOVA – legal analyst and former U.S. Attorney to the District of Columbia

  • Mark Warner says Barr has “little credibility” to review origins of Russia probe. Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat in the Senate Intelligence Committee, questioned Attorney General’s William Barr credibility to oversee a Justice Department probe into the origins of the Russia investigation, accusing him of acting like President Trump’s “personal advocate.” “Mr. Barr has very little credibility with me and I think the vast majority of, candidly, not just Democrats, but many Americans because he time and again is not acting as our attorney general, but as a personal advocate for Donald Trump,” Warner said on “Face the Nation” Sunday.
  • William Barr Blasts Media For Ignoring Surveillance Against Trump Campaign. (Daily Caller) — Attorney General William Barr accused the media in a new interview of being uninterested in finding out about the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, and of shirking their duty as watchdogs for the public. “Normally the media would be interested in letting the sunshine in and finding out what the truth is,” Barr said in an interview with CBS News. “And usually the media doesn’t care that much about protecting intelligence sources and methods. But I do and I will.” Barr was discussing his plans for declassification of documents related to the surveillance activities against the Trump campaign during the Russia investigation.
  • Schiff: Mueller Still Needs To Testify


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