JEFFREY LORD: Rachel Maddow Helped Trump by Releasing His Tax Returns

Tuesday evening, Rachel Maddow released President Trump’s 2005 tax returns. Listen as Larry spoke with Jeffrey Lord, Contributing Editor to The American Spectator, about the release of President Trump’s tax forms.

During the interview, Lord explained how Maddow’s plan to take down President Trump backfired:

Lord: I have to believe she [Rachel Maddow] got them from somebody who is not Donald Trump. But in any event, I listened to this whole thing and I thought, ‘Wow, when did Rachel Maddow go on the Trump payroll here?’. I mean, I think all this stuff is helping. I mean, he payed what close to 25% in taxes, which was more than what The Drudge Report said President Obama had paid 19 percent the last time around.


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