LISTEN: Columnist GORDON CHANG: The Trump Administration is Faces With a Really Dangerous Situation

Listen as Larry spoke with columnist and author Gordon Chang about President Trump’s plan to solve the ‘North Korea problem’ with or without China.

During the interview, Chang expressed the dangers the current administration faces

O’Connor: Often times in diplomatic and economic entanglements with our Asian partners, the idea of allowing adversaries some measure of face saving is often calculated into the solution, is it not? Is there a way for this to play out so that the North Korea regime in some way can save face? Or do we have any interest in allowing them that opportunity?

Chang: Well we have an interest in having good relations with every country in a sense. But certain interest that we have with North Korea are much more important. One of them is protecting the South Korea state because North Korea still has ambitions to dominate the entire peninsula and we have an interest in making sure that North Koreans cannot threaten our friends and allies and the United States with the world’s most destructive weapons. And we have not done a very good job of that. Especially because, well for instance, we allowed the North Koreans to cyber attack Sony Pictures Entertainment and China was fully complicit and we did not deal with those issues. And so we are the the subject of cyber attacks and this is something that I think we have to understand that really, through bad policies in prior administrations, the Trump administration is faced with a really dangerous situation. And what we need to do is change those policies. We know that if we go through and do the old things, it’s not going to work. And North Korea will be a threat, not only to us, but to other countries in the region.

In the President’s latest tweets, Trump warns that North Korea is looking for trouble.


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