LISTEN: JOE CONCHA on Bill O’Reilly’s Exit, “Media Matters Exist to Destroy Fox News”

Listen as Larry O’Connor spoke with media reporter and columnist for The Hill, Joe Concha, about Bill O’Reilly being forced out of FOX News.
During the interview, Concha addressed the role Media Matters played in O’Reilly’s exit:

O’Connor: Media Matters, David Brock they actually had ‘Stop FOX’ that was apart of their campaign for quite some time. They were trying to pressure advertisers to not advertise on FOX. It had nothing to do with sexual harassment claims, it had to do with ideology. Did they start this latest pushback about focusing on the advertisers and trying to pressure them to no longer spend any money on FOX?

Concha: That’s why Media Matters exist, it’s to destroy FOX News. And then obviously Bill O’Reilly is the biggest fish in that pond. But then a ton of other groups joined in as well and many media members as well wanted O’Reilly out. So the constant barrage was just too much for the Murdoch’s to handle. I think they looked at the Megyn Kelly situation, back in January, where when she left I was doing interviews with people saying, ‘Well how is FOX going to survive this? Who could they possibly replace her with?” And Tucker Carlson comes in and is beating Megyn’s ratings, pretty substantially.


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