LISTEN: ANN COULTER: Apparently We Are Suing University of California, Berkeley

Listen as Larry spoke with Ann Coulter regarding Coulter suing the University of California, Berkeley, free speech and more.

Coulter: Our lawyer sent a letter to University of California, Berkeley today listing, it’s a beautiful letter, listing all their First Amendment violations and saying if you don’t provide a room for her for the 27th, an appropriate venue and provide security by the end of the day we will be suing Monday morning. And we just got the letter back, so apparently we’re suing.

O’Connor: Oh. This is huge. This is so good to hear that finally there is going to be a lawsuit on our behalf, on conservatives behalf. They lawyer up all the time and it seems like it’s so obvious that they are open to a lawsuit here. So they responded to you today, you gave them a deadline of…

Coulter: Literally as I was dialing you, they were trying to get me in on a conference call. I said, you know I’ve been sitting around staring at the ceiling for the last 2 hours. Now I have 2 solid hours of radio set, but I read it just as I was calling you.

O’Connor: And they said, ‘Sorry, status quo’. So you will be suing…

Coulter: So I will be speaking on the steps of  Sproul Hall, where Mario Savio gave his free speech talk or again maybe as I say, perhaps I’ll go to Janet Napolitano’s office.

O’Connor: And you’re going to sue the University of California system or Berkeley directly or the state of California…

Coulter: Oh, I’ll sue all of them. I mean you’ve got a lot of people lined up including the Chief of Police. It is also a violation of the First Amendment, as has been repeatedly held by our federal courts, for the police to selectively use law enforcement to punish certain types of view. So, somebody burning a flag as part of a protest, and people beat them up, if the cops stand back that is a violation of the First Amendment. And the violent protesters become state actors in that situation.

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