LISTEN: Fairfax County Parent ANDRE BILLEAUDEAUX Explained The JEB Stuart High School Name Change Fight

INTERVIEW — ANDRE BILLEAUDEAUX (BILL-A-DOO) — Parent of a former student at J.E.B STUART HIGH SCHOOL, his son transferred AND he’s a Fairfax School Board Ad-hoc Committee Member

  • J.E.B. Stuart High School debates school name change. (Fairfax County Times May 27, 2016) — According to an information sheet passed out at the community workshop meeting, the Fairfax County School Board gave J.E.B. Stuart High School its name in 1958 while the building was under construction. The school officially opened in 1959. FCPS didn’t start integrating until 1960 and completed the process in the 1966-67 school year after Luther Porter Jackson, originally a high school for black students, was turned into a middle school in 1965. Supporters of a J.E.B. Stuart High School name change say that the name was chosen as part of Fairfax County’s passive resistance to desegregation, not to recognize Virginian or Southern history by commemorating Stuart.
  • Effort To Remove Confederate General’s Name From Va. School Exposed. (Daily Caller) — An effort demanding J.E.B. Stuart High School in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Falls Church, Va., change its name has been plagued with clandestine conversations and deceptive tactics, according to emails obtained through Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act. Political correctness advocates behind the movement to remove the Confederate general’s name from the school worked in concert with with the Fairfax County School Board to downplay the estimated $1 million price tag associated with the name change. Public records, which were obtained by the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a D.C.-based government watchdog and taxpayer advocacy group, also indicate a desire to hold discussions about the matter in secret.


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