LISTEN: Fox’s LELAND VITTERT Previewed President Trump’s First Foreign Trip

Interview – LELAND VITTERT – co-anchor America’s News Headquarters, Fox News Channel

  • Leland will co-anchor America’s News Headquarters this weekend live from Jerusalem to preview President Trump’s upcoming trip overseas.  He’ll also be presenting an exclusive trip to the Syrian border with the Israeli army as they conduct anti-Isis intelligence raids.
  • Trump is leaving for Saudia Arabia on Thursday and then he’s going to Israel on Monday.
  • Trump to Visit Israel, Saudi Arabia and Vatican in First Foreign Trip. (NBC) – President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip since entering office will take him to Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia later this month, a senior White House official confirmed to NBC News. Trump will end his trip in Brussels with a visit to NATO on May 25, followed by a meeting at the G7 summit in Sicily.  Trump’s first stop in Saudi Arabia will be vital to that effort. White House officials told reporters that Saudi leaders will bring together Arab leaders to craft a breakthrough down the road on Middle East peace, as well as develop a long-term plan to cut ISIS funding and get those in the region to contribute more to the fight.


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