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4 Things We Learned From The FBI’s Mostly Redacted Steele Documents (The Federalist)

In a Friday afternoon news dump, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released 71 pages of documents related to the agency’s use of Christopher Steele as a confidential human source (CHS). Judicial Watch fought for more than a year to force the government to comply with its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents related to the work the former British spy—and author of the salacious and unverified Steele dossier—did for the FBI since January 1, 2016.

It is unlikely that Friday’s release will end the matter, however, given the FBI’s greedy use of FOIA exemptions left nearly all the significant details redacted. But while Judicial Watch (and Congress!) continue to battle for more information, several points merit mention based on the sparse details revealed. [Read More]

If You Inspect The FISA Applications Closely, More Mysteries Arise About Joseph Mifsud (The Federalist)

When CNN reported late Thursday that the president’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, intended to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Donald Trump knew in advance of his son’s June 2016 meeting with Russians who promised “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, the summer-time Trump Tower confab from two years ago re-entered the limelight.

A quick retweet of the story by Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, pushing what I knewwas a false narrative, sent me tumbling down the rabbit hole known presidentially as Spygate. What began as a deep-dive into the Trump Tower meeting unearthed yet further proof of the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to surveil former Trump advisor Carter Page and revealed additional evidence implicating the State Department in targeting Trump. [Read More]

YouTube removes Alex Jones’ page, following bans from Apple and Facebook (CNBC)

YouTube has removed Alex Jones’ page, following bans earlier Monday from Apple and Facebook.

The Alex Jones Channel, which counts 2.4 million subscribers, still appeared in YouTube search results by midday Monday, but presented only a take-down notice when users clicked in.

“This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” the notice said. [Read More]

First lady Melania Trump shows independence from president at key moments (CBS News)

A deliberately crafted statement. A conspicuous fashion choice. A sudden silence or withdrawal from the public eye. First lady Melania Trump’s move to distance herself from President Donald Trump’s criticism of NBA superstar LeBron Jameswas the latest instance of her quiet but seemingly concerted effort to subtly create space between herself and her husband, careful not to criticize him directly while making clear she does not agree with him.

She took to Twitter to announce her disappointment with the Trump administration’s policy of forced family separations at the border and later made a pair of trips there to visit the displaced children, a step the president had not taken. She vanished from sight amid renewed scrutiny of her husband’s alleged affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels. And her spokeswoman made clear that the first lady will watch whatever TV station she wants, even a cable news station that is frequently on the receiving end of the president’s scorn. [Read More]

Get It Through Your Head That Progressives Hate You (Townhall)

Some of you need to cease the denial and accept the harsh reality that the left hates you. It’s a fact, as much as the liberal gaslight gang and the conserva-sissy weakhearts deny it. You can tell that leftists hate you by the way that leftists tell you that they hate you.

Take Sarah Jeong, please – hey, the New York Times was happy to get this bitter creep onboard because of her history of virulent racism. The Times saw her hate as a plus, not a negative, an asset, not a liability. You can’t draw any other conclusion – if you take her tweets, trade out the word “white” – man, does she ever hate white people – and toss in some other skin hue you’d have a pink-haired millennial David Duke. And the NYT saw that and said, “Awesome, sign her up!” [Read More]

White House to detail implementation of new Iran sanctions Monday: Pompeo (The Foreign Desk)

ABOARD A U.S. GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT (Reuters) – The United States intends to fully enforce sanctions due to be reimposed against Iran early this week on orders from U.S. President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday.

Washington’s so-called “snapback” sanctions are due to be reinstated against Tehran at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, a U.S. Treasury official said, speaking on condition anonymity.

Pompeo, speaking with reporters returning with him from an Asian trip, said the White House would detail implementation of the measures on Monday morning.[Read More]

MSNBC forced into 7-second delay after GOP strategist’s expletive-filled rant (The Hill)

GOP strategist Rick Wilson was abruptly muted for seven seconds during an appearance on MSNBC after going on an expletive-filled rant about President Trump and his supporters on Monday morning.

When asked by MSNBC co-host John Heilemann during the program how the president can continue to “genuinely boast” about his high approval ratings among his party, Wilson said in response: “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.” [Read More]

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