Washington DC Could See 9-12 Inches Of Rain From Hurricane Florence

Bryan Taylor

WASHINGTON (WMAL) — Remnants of Hurricane Florence could hit the Washington D.C. area Friday with an approximate 9 to 12 inches of rain, according to meteorologist John Trout.

Although these estimates could change throughout the week, the District is expected to get hit by parts of Florence.

In addition to this, the hurricane has been steadily building power. On Monday, Florence was upgraded from a Category 2 storm to a Category 4.

“It will pick up steam primarily because these Atlantic waters are in and around 85 degrees now off the coast of the Carolinas,” says Trout. “That’s prefect breeding ground for a hurricane.”

With a historically wet summer, the DC area is also at risk of downed trees. Trout says with the saturated ground, trees have a higher chance of falling down, and they could bring other problems with them.

“We’ve got saturated ground, and that means trees can come down rather easily when you add a little bit more rain to the situation. Down trees means down power lines and a whole mess of problems.”

The storm is expected to hit the mainland Thursday night and into Friday morning near Charleston, South Carolina.


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