Chaos at Clarendon Cheesecake Factory Amid Restaurant’s 40th Anniversary

Wyn Delano

ARLINGTON — (WMAL) It was a food “free” for all at a Cheesecake Factory in Arlington today.

It all stems from a promotion the restaurant chain is holding for its 40th anniversary, giving away free cheesecake slices to people who order online via Doordash.

At the chain’s Clarendon location, however, the promotion led to chaos as drivers from the delivery service double parked outside, waiting for the restaurant to fulfill orders.

“Officers were in the area conducting traffic control,” Ashley Savage with Arlington Police told WMAL. “During that time, a call went out for a fight in progress at the [Cheesecake Factory]. When officers arrived at the restaurant, they determined there was no actual fight in progress, however there was a large crowd.”

Savage says those officers then tried to help control the crowd of likely delivery drivers waiting for their cheesecake. However, one man in the crowd started acted belligerantly and was asked to leave. When police tried to get him to leave, he refused to go and police attempted to arrest him.

During the arrest, the man resisted police and a “struggle ensued” before he was finally taken into custody. A medic on scene cleared the man, but he insisted to be taken to a hospital for “further evaluation.”

Savage says the man is expected to be charged with disorderly conduct and released on a summons.

As of now, its unclear as to whether the man actually recieved his free cheesecake.

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