LISTEN: PROFESSOR WILFRED REILLY Discussed The Epidemic Of Hate Crime Hoaxes

INTERVIEW – PROFESSOR WILFRED REILLY —  Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University and author of new book “Hate Crime Hoax” — discussed his new book “Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War.”

  • Poli-sci professor Wilfred Reilly has found more than 400 instances of hate crime hoaxes in America in his research. The epidemic we are experiencing isn’t in hate crimes but rather hate hoaxes.
  • Is President Trump Responsible for Racial Division in America? The answer is No. Although the media continually reports that President Trump has ushered in a new era of racial hatred in our country, the majority of hate crimes occurring in the United States since 2016 have been hoaxes.
  • Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, written by African American Professor Wilfred Reilly, is a detailed, profoundly pro-Black and pro-American work of social science exposing the shocking statistics on hate crime hoaxes in the United states.
  • ABOUT BOOK: If you believe the news, today’s America is plagued by an epidemic of violent hate crimes. But is that really true? In Hate Crime Hoax, Professor Wilfred Reilly examines over one hundred widely publicized incidents of so-called hate crimes that never actually happened. With a critical eye and attention to detail, Reilly debunks these fabricated incidents—many of them alleged to have happened on college campuses—and explores why so many Americans are driven to fake hate crimes. We’re not experiencing an epidemic of hate crimes, Reilly concludes—but we might be experiencing an unprecented epidemic of hate crime hoaxes.
  • BIO: Wilfred Reilly is a tenure-track Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University. His interests include International Relations, contemporary American race relations, and the use of modern quantitative/empirical methods to test “sacred cow” theories. He is the author of The $50,000,000 Question: An Engagingly Empirical Examination of the Relationship between “Privilege” and Pride.


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