Florida K-9 Named Trump Featured In Facebook Meme

ORLANDO, Fla. — A Florida sheriff’s agency may tell its deputies to stop naming K-9s after real people after a dog named Trump was featured in a Facebook meme.

A picture showing an Orange County Sheriff’s patrol car which has a decal feature the dog’s name and picture was posted Wednesday by the Facebook page “Cop Humor.” The text overlaid on the image says “Atta boy, Trump! Making a difference.” The image can be seen below.

The pro-law enforcement conservative group’s meme had 1,200 likes on Friday.

The sheriff’s office confirmed it has a dog named Trump, which was purchased in March 2018. In a statement the agency said K-9 names are left to their human partners and there is not a policy against naming after people. But the statement said the agency may consider changing that.

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