Historically black neighborhood wants to get rid of Confederate soldier’s name

Heather Curtis

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – Confederate names have been stripped from schools and roads, and now an Arlington neighborhood gets preliminary approval to get rid of a Confederate name.

The Arlington County Civic Association has approved changing the name of the Nauck Civic Association and neighborhood to Green Valley.

“It’s basically a black community basically wanting to go back to their roots,” said Arlington County Civic Association President Duke Banks.

The community was founded by freed slaves.

John Nauck was a Confederate solider, and Banks said they thought his association with the Confederacy might have been a prevailing issue, but even more than that, the neighborhood was called Green Valley long before Nauck came along.

The Arlington County Board of Supervisors will have to vote for the name to be changed, but Banks expects board members to vote in favor of it.

There is precedent for the Arlington County Board to change Confederate names, in April the board voted to rename efferson Davis Highway – named after the only president of the Confederate States – Richmond Highway.

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