Metro to extend hours for postseason Nats games

Heather Curtis

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – The next home game for the Nationals in this series will be on Sunday, and there’s good news if you plan on taking Metro to the ballpark. Metro will stay open 20 minutes after all Nats home games for the rest of the season. Sunday’s game starts at 7:45 p.m.

You will only be able to get into metro at the Navy Yard Station. If you’re in line to get into the Navy Yard station before 20 minutes to closing time will be let in.

“We don’t do this from remote control. We have staff on the ground on Half Street right outside the stadium and outside the station, and if there are still fans who are making their way to the station, we’re not gonna close the gates on them,” said Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel.

You can exit at any station.

While the extended hours may be good news to Nats fans who don’t want to drive to the game and pay exorbitant pries to park, not everyone was happy with the extended service provided after Tuesday’s game. People tweeted there were no Yellow Line trains leaving L’Enfant Plaza, and they had to find other more expensive ways to get home.

Stessel said the rail transit operations people have been looking into what happened and why customers were told to leave the station. If you were among them, he said you should contact Metro’s customer service department.

“I don’t have the details of exactly what happened, but we…I have assurances that whatever…whatever did happen won’t happen again, that’s for sure,” Stessel said.

Metro will also extend hours to Washington Mystics fans if game 5 is played next Thursday at the Events and Sports Center adjacent to the Congress Heights Station.

As for the future, Stessel said Metro’s board will be trying to figure out how to provide service after local championship games and who will pay for it. He said some teams don’t want to pay, and corporate sponsorships have been inconsistent.

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