David Harsanyi, Phil Kerpen & Dean Norton on The Larry O’Connor Show 11.27.19

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Is Impeachment Backfiring on the Democrats? (The Federalist)

Impeachment is a political process. No sentient being, after all, believes that Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi are good-faith guardians of constitutional order. And judging the process strictly on political grounds, it hasn’t been a success for Democrats.

For one thing, impeachment, if it happens, will effectively end up being a partisan censure of the president. Democrats haven’t gotten any closer to convincing a single Senate Republican to contemplate removing the president. Certainly not Mitch McConnell, who says there will be a quick trial. Not even Mitt Romney, who, at this point, is aptly troubled but uncommitted. [Read More]


new Wall Street Journal expose finding that “Google has increasingly re-engineered and interfered with search results to a far greater degree than the company and its executives have acknowledged” is sure to bolster efforts from the company’s opponents to break it up or cripple it with regulations.

There is a through-the-looking-glass quality to the debate for those of us who have spent the last 15 years or so in the Net Neutrality wars. [Read More]

Did Elizabeth Warren Plagiarize Her ‘Pow Wow Chow’ Recipes? (Breitbart)

The credibility of Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren took another hit today as Boston radio talk show host Howie Carr released evidence that appears to confirm Ms. Warren may have plagiarized at least three of the five recipes she submitted to the 1984 Pow Wow Chow cookbook edited by her cousin Candy Rowsey. [Read More]

Video: Hear Ronald Reagan’s 1988 Thanksgiving address to the nation (Military Times)

In November 1988, President Ronald Reagan used his weekly address from the White House to extoll the virtues of freedom, and extend thoughts of gratitude to Americans at home and overseas. [Read More]

A 230-year-old Mount Vernon tree, a witness to history, is no more (The Washington Post)

It was probably a sapling when George Washington returned to Mount Vernon in 1783, triumphant after his victory in the Revolutionary War.

It was probably there on the estate in 1787 when he left for the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, and it grew during his terms as the country’s first president. It was there when he came home for good, and when he died in 1799. [Read More]



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