Stacy Washington with James O’Keefe, Cam Edwards, Julie Kelly & Catherine Glenn Foster on The Larry O’Connor Show 01.14.2020

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Are you really at your most miserable at 47.2 years old? (The Guardian)

A study says that we all tend to be at our most unhappy at the same point in life – are we hardwired for it, or is there another reason?

Name: 47.2.

Age: 47.2.

Appearance: Grumpy.

Age is just a number. Yes, in this case the worst number possible.

The worst number for what? For wellbeing. According to a study from the US’s National Bureau of Economic Research, 47.2 is the unhappiest age you can be.

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Vince Vaughn shakes Trump’s hand at NCAA football championship (NBC News)

A video of Vince Vaughn speaking and shaking hands with President Donald Trump at the College Football Playoff National Championship game surfaced on social media Monday night.

Timothy Burke, founder of the media and political consulting firm Burke Communications, posted a video of the president and the comedian chatting at the game between LSU and Clemson with the caption, “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.” The video also showed the pair shaking hands as they parted ways to watch the championship game, which resulted in a 42-25 victory for the LSU Tigers. [Read More]

Unequal Fates: A Real Obama Era Whistleblower vs. the Trump ‘Whistleblower’ (American Greatness)

The whistleblower, speaking to internal investigators, pulled no punches in his assessment of the government’s mishandling of the war in Afghanistan.

“As intelligence makes its way up higher, it gets consolidated and really watered down, it gets politicized,” he explained. “It gets politicized because once policymakers get their hands on it . . . they put their twist on it. The policy decisions and the operational decisions, I don’t think matched what the intelligence was saying.” [Read More]

Most Women Don’t Regret Abortions. Why Would They? (VICE)

Earlier this month, there was a conservative comic strip circulating on Twitter. It depicted actress Michelle Williams in the creamy tangerine gown she wore to the Golden Globes, cradling her Best Actress award with a sad look on her face. “I won!!” the cartoon Williams says, while a mother beside her holding an infant tells her, “No, you didn’t”—a clear swipe at the Best Actress winner’s acceptance speech, where she expressed gratitude for having been able to get an abortion when she was younger. [Read More]

NRA Members, 2A Supporters Pack VA Capitol To Oppose Gun Bills (Bearing Arms)

While Virginia Democrats did their best to try to make it seem like gun control advocates and Second Amendment supporters were equally represented at the state capitol on Monday, the truth is that NRA members and opponents of Governor Ralph Northam’s anti-gun agenda far outnumbered their counterparts on the other side of the issue. [Read More]

Project Veritas–Bernie Campaigner Dreams of Slaying MSNBC Hosts: ‘Liberals Get the F***ing Wall First’ (Breitbart)

Undercover footage released by Project Veritas on Tuesday shows a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) 2020 campaign warning that liberals will “get the fucking wall first” in a socialist revolution.

The remark, uttered by an individual identified as Kyle Jurek, was prompted by a Project Veritas journalist, who asked: “Guys like that (liberals), what are we going to do with them?” [Read More]




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