Kellyanne Conway, Sheriff Mike Chapman, Dr. William Lloyd & Rob O’Donnell on The Larry O’Connor Show 03.19.2020

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Malaria drug sees promising signs as future coronavirus treatment (Washington Examiner)

A drug originally developed to treat malaria is showing signs that it may also cure infections of the coronavirus, though much more testing is needed.

Researchers and virologists in France have completed a clinical trial studying the effects of hydroxychloroquine, used to treat arthritis, malaria, and other ailments, on patients with COVID-19. Researchers treated a total of 26 coronavirus patients with the drug, including six that were given the antibiotic azithromycin, as well. [Read More]

Philadelphia police to delay arrests for certain non-violent crimes (FOX 29)

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Philadelphia police officers have been instructed to stop making arrests for certain non-violent crimes.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw stressed Wednesday that the temporary policy does not mean the department is turning a blind eye to crime. [Read More]


Reporter asks Trump if ‘Chinese food’ is racist and accuses ‘left-wing’ media of siding with Beijing (Washington Examiner)

A reporter for One America News Network asked President Trump if he thought the term “Chinese food” was racist during a line of questioning centering on the president’s use of the phrase “China virus” to describe the coronavirus.

Chanel Rion, OANN’s White House correspondent, asked the question of the president during Thursday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

Rion, who spent part of her childhood living in South Korea, asked, “Do you consider the term ‘Chinese food’ racist because it’s food that originates in China?” [Read More]

Maryland denies scholarship promised to children of officer killed in the line of duty (Law Enforcement Today)

When a Police Officer swears an oath to protect and serve, that oath forever becomes a contract.

A contract that they will faithfully fulfill their duties, that they will uphold the Constitution and laws of both the state and municipality they serve.

That they will represent themselves, their department, and the citizens with dignity and respect. [Read More]


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