Byron York, Dave Rubin & Rob O’Donnell on The Larry O’Connor Show 07.30.2020

Happen to miss The Larry O’Connor Show today? Recap today’s program by checking out topics from the program below:

Council approves policy on limiting police use of force, no-knock warrants (Bethesda Beat)

The Montgomery County Council unanimously passed legislation on Wednesday limiting the police department’s use of force, part of an effort to address local and national concerns about law enforcement brutality in the community.

A police union official on Thursday criticized some of the changes put in place, saying they will make it impossible for officers to do their job. [Read More]

 Herman Cain dies at 74 after monthlong fight with coronavirus (Washington Examiner)

Herman Cain has died at the age of 74 after a monthlong battle with the coronavirus.

Cain, a former pizza business CEO and Republican presidential candidate during the 2012 campaign, died Thursday morning at an Atlanta-area hospital where he had been critically ill and placed on oxygen support for weeks, according to Newsmax. He was admitted to the hospital on July 1.

Cain’s death was announced by Dan Calabrese, who edits the website. [Read More]


Obama presses for voting rights in pointed eulogy honoring John Lewis (CNN)

Inside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church in Atlanta on Thursday, the nation’s first Black president — who has acknowledged there was a Black president only because of what John Lewis sacrificed — delivered a eulogy for the civil rights icon and eventual congressman that went well beyond pure remembrance.

In words that were both highly specific and at times more oblique, Obama declared Lewis’ lifelong battle for racial equality to be ongoing and stated explicitly that forces in power today are working to undermine it. [Read More]



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