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Meet Our Heroes

  • After spending over 20 years practicing as an Oncology Social Worker working with terminal cancer patients and their families, Cathy H from Leesburg, VA decided to change professions – after losing her mother to the very disease that she was helping patients fight through. Cathy moved into teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) helping migrant children adapt to life here in the United States – many from completely non-English speaking households. Cathy would ask her husband to help buy clothes for her students as some of them would not have a winter coat or after noticing a student wearing the same clothes each day. Recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty, Cathy’s Principal asked her to consider becoming a Special Education teacher. She started her second Master’s program in Special Education at the age of 49 and soon took over a class of ten Special Education students with students ranging from Kindergarten to Third Grade. Not only preparing lesson plans for different grade levels, Cathy would again provide the staples of life for her students and generously donate clothing and school supplies to her students in need. In a classes where students were diagnosed as violent, Cathy made headway where others said it would be impossible. Beyond the classroom, Cathy has been asked to speak with parent groups with students on the verge of being diagnosed, and asked to recruit potential Special Education teachers. For going above and beyond the call of duty, WMAL and MainStreet Bank recognize Cathy as an Everyday Hero making the Leesburg community a better place.

  • Bill Wiygul of Alexandria strongly believes in giving back to the community that has played such a large role in the success of his business.  Described by friends as a very thoughtful, gracious, friendly, and considerate man, Bill has been demonstrably concerned for the safety and well-being of the residents and his employees throughout the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.  As COVID-19 spread and unemployment skyrocketed, Bill was compelled to serve his local community even while his own business experienced a steep decline.  Since so many people in our area rely on their vehicles to get around – even more so now due to social distancing requirements – Bill charged his team to launch a “Neighbors In Need” program to assist anyone who has been adversely impacted by the current economic conditions.   Bill and his team offered to service vehicles for extremely reduced pricing – often times only at prices that the customer could afford, other times for free.  Bill extended his gratitude not only to those suffering from the harsh economic environment, but also to the brave first responders on the front lines who are busy saving lives – giving them 50% off oil changes and offering to pick up and drop off their vehicles for free so that they would not have to worry about getting to and from work.  Recognizing the explosion of hunger issues due to the current pandemic, Bill and his family and team worked to put together a food drive that would ensure people in his community would not go hungry.  He is working with INOVA to help with the current blood shortage and has already scheduled multiple blood drives at his locations in the next couple of months.  For going above and beyond the call of duty, WMAL and MainStreet Bank recognize Bill as an Everyday Hero making the Alexandria community a better place.

  • 85 year-old Air Force vet Bernie Relf and Joyce Romanus have been longtime volunteers at the St Camillus Food Pantry in Silver Spring. They are the “boots on the ground” supervisors who ensure each shift runs smoothly. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, more than 70% of the St. Camillus volunteer base took a step back from their work at the food pantry – but not Bernie or Joyce. They saw the greatly increased need for help during the lockdown; a need that is still necessary today due to the food pantry from serving over the double the number of families each weekend.  Bernie and Joyce both fall into the “vulnerable population” category, but both have continued to serve-every single weekend and often volunteering for additional work when the pantry is closed – taking inventory, placing orders, and making sure that the shelves are stocked for the next day.  For their superlative work ethics and inspiring those around them with their tireless dedication as they work together to help keep the food pantry running as incredibly as it does, WMAL and MainStreet Bank recognize Bernie and Joyce as an Everyday Heroes making the Silver Spring community a better place.

  • Madeline Borchardt graduated from Towson University in May 2019 and went to work at Kids Come First Pre School in the Fall of 2019 shortly before the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. As lockdowns started to be put into effect, Madeline was quickly thrust into a new world of being an essential employee and performed admirably under difficult at best circumstance, jumping in with both feet to take care of essential employees children.  Madeline is a hero to not only the many essential parents and to her coworkers but her father, David, who served on the Prince George’s County Fire Department for 24 years – being just as fearless and dedicated as the many men and women he served with.  Madeline has since begun working at a pediatric dentist office in Baltimore serving underprivileged children.  She is still an essential worker now in the health care field rather than the preschool setting while attending classes in the evenings to earn her Master’s Degree in student counseling. For going above and beyond the call of duty, WMAL and MainStreet Bank recognize Bill as an Everyday Hero making the community a better place.

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