Pence Meets Supporters In Northern Minnesota

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence has met a few hundred supporters on an airport tarmac for a campaign rally in northern Minnesota’s Iron range.

The vice president made the campaign stop in Minnesota after refusing to quarantine following exposure to staffers who tested positive for COVID-19. He arrived at the rally wearing a mask but removed the mask as he reached the podium to speak to the crowd of supporters.

Amid chants of “four more years,” Pence touched on military spending, the economy, support for law enforcement and health care before lauding the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic in his speech. The vice president said the administration is aiming to have a vaccine for the virus and “tens of millions of doses” before the end of the year.

He says, “I’ll make you a promise, with that same energy and ingenuity, the work of your president, the work at the state level, the work of health care providers, doctors and nurses, we’re going to continue to work our hearts out until the day comes that we put this coronavirus in the past.”

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