Trump Holds 1st Of 3 Rallies In Key Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump has wrapped up the first of three campaign rallies in Pennsylvania, where he told supporters that he wanted to discuss an issue of “existential importance” as he focuses on former Vice President Joe Biden’s policies on energy.

Pennsylvania is the second leading producer of natural gas in the country behind Texas.

Trump claims that Biden would “abolish the entire U.S. oil industry.” Trump says that means no fracking and no jobs for Pennsylvania families, adding “Biden’s plan is an economic death sentence for Pennsylvania’s energy sector.”

He is seizing on Biden’s comments in last week’s debate that he would “transition away from the oil industry.”

But Biden sought to clarify later that he was talking about ending federal subsidies for oil companies. He also said “we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time.”

Biden has also repeatedly pledged not to abolish fracking. Instead, he has called for no new fracking permits on federal lands.

Trump spoke to hundreds of supporters in Allentown as he focuses on the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

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