Tucker Carlson Laughs at NYT Hit Piece

By WMAL.com

Host of the nation’s highest rated cable news show Tucker Carlson his brushing off a hit piece dropped by the New York Times over the weekend titled “American Nationalist: How Tucker Carlson Stocked White Fear to Conquer Cable News”. Following the articles release, Carlson posted a photo of himself with the article laughing to his Twitter account on Sunday.

Carlson made it clear he had no intentions to read the piece and believes that the article would only embolden his massive fan base. When asked about the piece by reporters at Axios, Carlson confidently said, “I’ve never read the ratings a single day in my life. I don’t even know how. Ask anyone at Fox.”

The author of the smear piece Nick Confessore writes, “Mr. Carlson’s on-air technique — gleefully courting blowback, then fashioning himself as his aggrieved viewers’ partner in victimhood — has helped position him, as much as anyone, to inherit the populist movement that grew up around Mr. Trump.” Confessore refers to Carlson’s rise as “Trumpism without Trump.”

Carlson does not appear phased by the piece in the slightest. Standing strong by his convictions and the show he broadcasts nightly. “Most of the big positions I’ve taken in the past five years — against the neocons, the vax and the war [in Ukraine] — have been very unpopular with our audience at first.”

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