Virginia School Board Delays Decision on Telling Parents How Their Child ‘Self-Identifies’


Members of Virginia’s Orange County School Board in delayed a vote on a proposal that would who force schools to inform parents of their child’s “self-identification”. The delayed vote was part of a larger resolution that would require the schools to also notify parents if there was sexually explicit materials included in their child’s curriculum.

The resolution was the byproduct of a new common-sense state law in the Commonwealth that requires that schools notify parents if sexually explicit materials are being taught in the classroom and offer alternative materials that are non-sexually explicit. The Virginia Department of Education is spearheading the implementation of the new guidelines at the direction of Governor Glenn Youngkin. The Department is scheduled to publish formal guideline for the management of sexually-explicit materials by the end of July, and state school districts are expect to enact the guideline by Jan 1, 2023.

Orange County School Board member Chelsea Quintern is leading the charge on the efforts to provide parents with more insight into the materials being taught in classrooms. “This resolution would allow schools, parents and students to bridge the resources needed to assist the children in an equitable manner,” Quintern said. “Under this resolution, these students could be better protected against discrimination, as the families would be more engaged with the upbringing of their child.” While Quintern has been heckled by liberals at several school board meeting she refuses to relent in her pursuit to keep parents informed.

The Orange County School Board vote on the proposed resolution will be brought to a vote following the release of the formal guidelines provided by the state Department of Education.

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