Fmr Amb. Friedman to Newsmax: Biden’s Gaza Solution ‘Terrible Idea’

In an op-ed in The Washington Post on Saturday, President Joe Biden said once the conflict between Israel and Hamas is over, a revitalized Palestinian Authority (PA) should return to governing the Gaza Strip.

When Israel handed Gaza over to the Palestinians in 2005, the PA, the governing authority in the West Bank, ruled until it was ousted in 2006 parliamentary elections and replaced by the political wing of the Hamas terrorist organization. With Israel determined to end Hamas following its Oct. 7 terrorist attack, a political vacuum will be created when the war is over.

But David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel in the Trump administration, told Newsmax on Monday it would not be good for the PA to return and govern Gaza, and it is something neither the Israeli government nor the Palestinian people would permit.

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