Report: GOP Has 65 Percent Shot of Keeping House Majority

More unwelcome news keeps popping up for a Democratic Party in crisis as Republicans are forecasted to win 11 of 16 toss-up races in November’s election to retain their House majority.

The projection by DecisionDesk HQ, which Newsmax relies upon for election-night results, showed Republicans have a 65% chance of retaining their House majority, winning 223 seats compared with 212 for Democrats, The Hill reported Wednesday.

Democrats have been floundering since President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance on June 27 against former President Donald Trump. It left Democrat lawmakers, high-powered donors and liberal media outlets chewing their fingernails about whether Biden, 81, the oldest-serving president in U.S. history, has the mental and physical capacity to not only defeat Trump but be able to serve another four-year term.

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