Today’s gun vote wouldn’t stop recent mass shootings, admits leading proponent

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Sen. Chris Murrphy (D-CT) is one of the leading proponents of Monday’s senate votes to inhibit the 2nd amendment.

Days after the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Murphy led a filibuster on the floor of the senate demanding votes on a whole host of bills, clearly connecting the ISIS-inspired killings in Florida along with the Adam Lanza mass murder in his home state nearly four years ago in an effort to provoke outrage.

So it’s worth noting that during an interview on ABC News Murphy was forced to admit that the bills he has proposed and will be voted on today would have not stopped either Orlando or Sandy Hook or any of the other recent mass shootings in America.

Asked by guest host Jonathan Karl whether the so-called “gun show loophole” would have done anything to stop Orlando, Murphy stammered and finally responded as though he was Miss Teen Connecticut answering a pretty tough question about what his favorite color is.

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