Remote work could spell doom for your favorite dry cleaner and lunch spot

Many Americans have been working from home since the pandemic started. But the shift to remote working could cause massive problems for the jobs and economy that have long relied on bustling offices and crowded business districts. The office ecosystem — the dry-cleaners, convenience stores, salad bars and coffee shops — has suffered during the…MORE

Chris Wallace won’t fact check Trump and Biden during the debate

The presidential debates for the 2020 election kick off Tuesday in Cleveland, and many Americans are uncertain about what to expect. One thing is for sure: Fox News Sunday anchor and moderator Chris Wallace will not be tasked with fact-checking the candidates in real-time. “We don’t expect Chris or our other moderators to be fact…MORE

Worried about more shortages, grocery stores are stockpiling goods

Grocery stores across the United States are stocking up on products to avoid shortages during a second wave of coronavirus. Household products — including paper towels and Clorox wipes — have been difficult to find at times during the pandemic, and if grocery stores aren’t stocked up and prepared for second wave this winter, runs…MORE

Trump says the economy is booming. He’s right — but you don’t feel it

President Donald Trump touts the economy’s quick recovery as evidence of his administration’s success. He’s not wrong, but it’s not the full picture. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spent all last week testifying about the recovery on Capital Hill. His message: This is a tale of two economies, and one looks much stronger than the…MORE

Who’s hiring? These companies

The pandemic sent the United States into one of the steepest economic contractions in history, but some businesses are pulling through — and even thriving during this time of adversity. Some are hiring thousands of employees to keep up with their fast-paced growth. As the holiday season approaches, many companies are bringing in seasonal employees…MORE

This week is a big test for the IPO market

Investors have shown rabid enthusiasm for new stocks this September. That’s forced some strategists to wonder: Is this a repeat of the frenzy that led up to the dot-com crash at the turn of the millennium? What’s happening: Globally, it’s been a blockbuster month for initial public offerings, with deals worth $38.2 billion listing on…MORE

The biggest movies that have been delayed, and when you can expect to see them now

2020 is a lost year for the movies. Hollywood, like many industries, has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. Movie theaters were forced to shut down for months, and have struggled to find an audience since reopening. Productions have stalled, and blockbuster releases have been rescheduled. The year started with a surprising amount of promise,…MORE

How the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd have changed the police body cam industry

The year 2020 has brought more attention to the police body camera industry in the aftermath of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s killings at the hands of police in Minneapolis and Louisville. Both cities had previously purchased body cams for their officers from Axon, the nation’s largest provider of law enforcement body-worn cameras, according to…MORE

These retailers announced hundreds of store closures in September

A summer of bankruptcies and store closures is seeping into the fall. Earlier this month, the legendary New York bargain retailer Century 21 filed for bankruptcy, and several mall staples announced hundreds of store closures. Some retailers are now closing more stores than originally planned, underscoring how badly businesses have have struggled during the pandemic.…MORE

More restaurant rewards are coming your way. But there’s a catch

Coffee shops have used loyalty programs to learn more about their customers and keep them coming back for years. Now, as consumers embrace digital payments during the pandemic, the trend is spreading to restaurant chains who want the same benefits. Earlier this month, White Castle announced the launch of its first national rewards program, Craver…MORE


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