Valerie Jarrett says Obama never had a scandal, let’s remind her!

So, White House advisor, and Obama’s Personal Friend for over twenty years, Valerie Jarrett was on CNN this weekend, with Fareed Zakaria.  She was there to sing the praises of Obama, and how wonderful he and Michelle were as the first family for the last 8 years.  She told Fried Zucchini that the President prides himself on the fact that his administration has not had a single scandal or embarrassment in eight years.  Take a look!

What say you?  No scandals?  I’m sure that smart Plante fans can think of a few scandals to name for poor miss Jarrett.


Start at the beginning.  Fast and Furious that finally toppled his Attorney General Eric Holder.  (Obama knew nothing about it)  I think it's important when listing the various scandals to include how much Obama told us he was informed, like, "I didn't know anything about that until I turned on Fox News this morning"

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