Gutting the ethics office is terrible, but only if the GOP does it

So the world has been going crazy over Republicans targeting the Office of Congressional ethics.  Even Donald Trump was upset!


And you can find headlines far and wide about how bad the GOP is for doing so.  However, hop into the wayback machine a few years, and set your faces to stunned, because 7 years ago, the Congressional Black Caucus was aiming to Gut the same office.

The Office of Congressional Ethics, a powerful symbol of Democrats’ promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, is in danger of having its power stripped after the midterm elections.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have led the charge, airing complaints about the aggressive, independent panel in a private session with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last month, and they’ve drafted a resolution that, if approved, would severely curtail the panel’s power.

Isn’t that interesting?  And now the same CBC is outraged!  What say you?

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