Adam Schiff fooled by Russian comedians, tries to get nude pics of Trump

Rep Adam Schiff, who has made a name for himself by going after Devin Nunes and of course President Trump, was easily taken in by some Russian radio comedians.  Take a look:

Of course Schiff says he was never fooled by the pair, but his staff followed up on the call, trying to get the Kompromat from the Ukranian embassy!

Now, Schiff was very harsh on Donald Trump Jr for taking a meeting with Russians who claimed to have Kompromat on Hillary Clinton, that was unamerican and wrong!  However, here he is attempting the same thing!

Also, Schiff has called the RT network a russian propaganda network, even attacking Tucker Carlson saying he should move his show to RT.  However, Schiff also appeared on RT back in 2013 to attack America and the FISA program.

Tucker took him to task last night, take a look:

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