TODAY: SCOTT RASMUSSEN, Editor-At-Large of Ballotpedia, Analyzes the Difference Between the 2010 & 2018 Midterms

Listen as Larry spoke with Scott Rasmussen, a Senior Fellow for the Study of Self-Governance at the King’s College in New York and an Editor-At-Large for Ballotpedia, regarding his latest article, ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 2010 AND 2018.

Republicans are understandably nervous about the parallels between the 2010 midterm elections that brought them to power and the 2018 midterms where Democrats envision a return to power.

Eight years ago, a polarizing new president was facing his first midterm election. Progressives and conservatives offered wildly different interpretations of his every word. Despite polls showing his major legislative dream was unpopular, that president relentlessly pursued it. His efforts inspired a resistance known as the Tea Party.

On top of that, unnerving interim elections rattled the president’s party. A Republican won the Governorship in New Jersey which was about as unusual as a Democrat winning a 2017 Senate race in Alabama. And, of course, there was the real shock of Scott Brown’s upset victory in Massachusetts. If a Republican could win Ted Kennedy’s old seat in a wave year, it’s certainly easy to imagine Democrats winning 2018 Senate races in states like Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia. [Read More]

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