What if Trump isn’t the second coming of Hitler?

Photo Credit – CNN

Larry O’Connor penned an opinion piece at The Washington Times. An excerpt of his latest article, What if Trump isn’t the second coming of Hitler?, is below:

While the video of the historic smiles and handshakes from Singapore is still running wall-to-wall on cable and broadcast television, it’s a good time to step back and assess how the Trump presidency is measuring up to the dire warnings we’ve heard from Democrats, Never Trumpers and the media since the 2016 campaign.

From the earliest days of Donald Trump’s unorthodox and unexpected run for the White House, the American people have been told that the man who’d never run for any public office before was an authoritarian. Despite the fact that he’d had a public profile for thirty years and was in America’s living rooms with a top-rated television show, we were assured that this man was racist, sexist and homophobic.

When he was running against the woman who (we were told) was the most experienced human being to ever seek the presidency, we were told he was a deplorable monster who would end our democracy and roll back civil rights to the Jim Crow era. [Read More]

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