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Somebody At DOJ Isn’t Telling The Truth About Rosenstein’s Subpoena Threats Against Congressional Staff

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein denied under oath he had threatened to subpoena congressional aides’ communications, but a DOJ spokesman had already admitted that was true in statements to multiple news outlets, claiming it was justified.

“Rosenstein threatened to ‘subpoena’ GOP-led committee in ‘chilling’ clash over records, emails show,” reported Catherine Herridge at Fox News. She quoted from multiple e-mails congressional staff sent to the House of Representatives’ Office of General Counsel after a January 2018 meeting with Rosenstein: [Read More]

Maryland Church Banned From Services in Its Own Building Fights Back in Court (The Stream)

Barred from holding worship services in its own building, a small Christian church in Laurel, Maryland, is fighting back in court. Located midway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., the City of Laurel sent a second cease-and-desist letter in January to Redemption Community Church.

The city objects to Redemption meeting Sundays in its newly opened downtown coffee shop. The church founded Ragamuffins Coffee House as “a safe place for people to connect to others in meaningful community.”

After three years of public and private meetings, church leaders thought they had complied fully with building and zoning codes. But the city says no. [Read More]

Kavanaugh’s support for shielding sitting presidents from prosecution riles Dems (Fox News)

While Brett Kavanaugh’s stances on issues like abortion and gun rights could dominate his confirmation hearing, the Supreme Court nominee’s decade-old call to shield presidents from criminal investigation has grabbed his critics’ attention right out of the gate.

Kavanaugh, a judge for the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., tackled the issue in a 2009 article in the Minnesota Law Review.

At the time, he wrote it is “vital that the President be able to focus on his never-ending tasks with as few distractions as possible” and suggested Congress enact a law deferring all civil and criminal suits against a president while in office. [Read More]

Still single? Try marrying a stranger, expert says

When Bobby Dodd, 27, and Danielle Bergman, 30, met for the first time, it wasn’t at a bar or on a dating app.

It was at the altar, saying “I do” in front of family, friends — and a camera crew.

That’s the premise of Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight,” which returns for its seventh season on Tuesday night. Unlucky-in-love singles are matched with their hopeful life partner, which is chosen for them by a panel of experts: pastor Cal Roberson, sociologist Pepper Schwartz and psychologist Jessica Griffin. [Read More]

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