Larry O’Connor’s Daily Radar Report 07.11.18

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Fairfax County School Board to consider $20 million school security overhaul (Fox 5 DC)

What to do about school security has been hotly debated in Fairfax County since the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

After several months of internal review, Fairfax County Public Schools’ Office of Safety and Security came up with 28 pages of recommendations, which include in part:

– More active shooter drills and emergency training for both students and teachers
– Eliminating points of vulnerability, such as someone “piggybacking” on someone else entering the building
– Requiring all classroom doors to be locked at all times and replacing interior key door locks with push-button ones to make locking from the inside easier in the event of a threat
– Installing security cameras throughout each school campus district-wide
– Hiring 18 more school-based psychologists or social workers to be added to all middle schools and targeted elementary schools [Read More]

Majority of D.C. Council moves to overturn tipped-wage ballot measure (The Washington Post)

A majority of the D.C. Council on Tuesday backed repeal of a ballot measure approved by voters last month that would force businesses to pay more to servers, bartenders, bellhops and other hourly workers who depend on tips.

Seven of the council’s 13 members co-introduced a bill that would overturn…[Read More]

Mike Flynn’s Lawyers Say He Is No Longer Joining Consulting Firm (WSJ)

Hours after a new lobbying firm aimed at domestic and global clients announced it was partnering with former national security adviser Mike Flynn, attorneys for the embattled Mr. Flynn said the deal was off and the notice had been released as a result of a “misunderstanding” among the participants in Stonington Global LLC.

“General Flynn has not joined Stonington and did not personally issue any public statement,” Mr. Flynn’s attorneys Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony said in a statement Tuesday. “He was aware that a statement was being drafted, but he did not intend that it be issued at this time.”

Mr. Flynn is awaiting sentencing for lying to federal investigators. His December guilty plea grew out of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. He agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and faces up to six months in jail. [Read More]

A time limit in baseball? Michigan league takes unusual step (WJLA)

Limiting mound visits is one thing. But if you really want to control the length of a baseball game, there are other, more direct ways of doing it.

One small league in Michigan is taking an unusual step. [Read More]

NATO bends to Trump’s will, says his message is ‘having an impact’ (Washington Examiner)

NATO’s secretary general agreed on Wednesday that President Trump’s call for other members to boost their defense spending under the military alliance is having an effect, and promised that other NATO members would soon be chipping in more.

Trump was in Belgium Wednesday to keep up his complaint that other NATO members are “not paying what they should,” and said it’s an “unfair burden” to the U.S.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg agreed. [Read More]

Congress Renews Push to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Group (Washington Free Beacon)

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are renewing a years-long push to designate the international Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist organization due to its support for terror organizations that threaten U.S. security interests across the globe, according to conversations with U.S. officials spearheading the effort.

The congressional effort to target the Muslim Brotherhood will kick off early Wednesday, when lawmakers on the House’s Subcommittee on National Security gather for a hearing to “examine the threat that the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates pose to the United States and its interests and how to most effectively counter it, including potential next steps for U.S. policy,” according to the committee. [Read More]

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