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Kavanaugh avoids Dem traps as chaotic hearing winds down, confirmation vote looms (FOX NEWS)

Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Friday moved a step closer to being seated on the Supreme Court, as four days of chaotic and tumultuous hearings wrapped with Kavanaugh largely having swatted away Democratic attempts to derail his nomination.

Democrats spent the week trying to catch Kavanaugh in a lie and employ old emails to cast him as a radical conservative. But Republicans say they believe Democrats failed to land a fatal blow.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he had no doubts “whatsoever” that Kavanaugh would ultimately be confirmed. [Read More]

Former President Barack Obama attacks Trump, who says he ‘fell asleep’ during speech (USA Today)

Previewing his midterm elections campaign message, former President Barack Obama on Friday launched a direct and blistering attack on President Donald Trump and Republicans and called on Americans to get to the ballot box in November to “restore some semblance of sanity to our politics.”

At one point referencing the “crazy stuff that’s coming out of this White House,” Obama told students and others gathered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that even if they don’t agree with Democrats on certain issues, they should still be “concerned with our current course” and want to see a “restoration of honesty and decency and lawfulness in government.” [Read More]

U.S. Added 201,000 Jobs in August as Wages Registered Gains (NYT)

The Labor Department released its monthly hiring and unemployment figures for August on Friday morning, providing one of the better snapshots of the state of the American economy. [Read More]

Prince Charles issues ROBOT WARNING: ‘I totally and utterly object’ (Daily Star)

The Prince of Wales made the Royal intervention in a GQ magazine interview marking his forthcoming 70th birthday.

Charles said he “utterly” objected to the trend of people somehow becoming “part human, part machine”.

He spoke to the magazine as the was presented with the Editor’s Lifetime Achievement Award for services to philanthropy at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

The heir to the throne’s comments come amid the increasing popularity of robotics in every industry – including military, domestic and sex.

Humans and machines are also becoming increasingly integrated with things like augmented reality and plans for machine implants. [Read More]

There Are 76,000 Cashiers In Washington. Will Automation Take Their Jobs? (DCIST)

Inside a McDonald’s in Arlington, sandwiches scroll by alluringly on a screen.

“I’m going to go to our 1-2-3 dollar menu,” says Carlos Mateos, Jr., the owner of the franchise, navigating the touchscreen in front of him. He selects a chicken sandwich, then begins customizing toppings. “Light pickles,” he says, his finger tapping.

At the world’s largest fast-food chain, this is the newest way to order a meal. In the D.C. region, 40 percent of McDonald’s locations have already adopted digital ordering kiosks, and the company says all its U.S. locations will have them by 2020. Analysts say it’s an upgrade, expected to improve efficiency and boost sales.

But as McDonald’s becomes one of many big businesses adding computer-powered points of sale, the transition raises a question: Are we seeing the final days of human cashiers? [Read More]

Can a white teacher connect with black students? (The Baltimore Sun)

Each school year, at least one male student shares with me a version of this story: While walking — sometimes to school, sometimes to or from work — the student is stopped by police. The police officer turns out the student’s pockets, empties his book bag if he has one, demands ID, sits him on the curb and makes him wait while they check him for priors or outstanding warrants. All of this happens absent probable cause.

I’ve heard a version of this unnerving story so many times during the two decades that I’ve been teaching in Baltimore that I’m no longer surprised by it. It’s also an experience that I’ve never had and a reminder of the unfair advantages white privilege still confers in 21st century America. [Read More]

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