LISTEN: Loudoun Resident JULI BRISKMAN, Who Famously Flipped Off President Trump, Plans To Run For Local Office

INTERVIEW – JULI BRISKMAN – Loudoun woman who flipped off  President Trump joined us to discuss her run for office in Loudoun.

  • Loudouner Known for Flipping Off Trump Runs for Supervisor. Juli Briskman, who landed in the national spotlight for flipping off President Donald J. Trump’s motorcade—and subsequently losing her job over it—has set her sights on a different elected Republican: Loudoun Supervisor Suzanne M. Volpe (R-Algonkian). After a photo of Briskman riding a bike and raising her middle finger to Trump’s motorcade went viral last October, she lost her job at federal contractor Akima for allegedly violating the company’s social media policy. She sued and won severance, but her wrongful termination lawsuit was dismissed. “I’ve come to realize that the court system is a very slow way to effect change, and since my incident I’ve begun talking to a lot of the community, with the Democrats in the community, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback and support for the idea,” Briskman said. “Then I realized I really have a better chance of effecting change if I’m sitting on the local Board of Supervisors.”


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