Peter Navarro, Gov. Larry Hogan, Amie Hoeber and Ken Klukowski on The Larry O’Connor Show 11.02.18

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What today’s parents can do to raise the next generation of informed voters (The Washington Post)

On Nov. 6, voters will elect a slate of leaders who will decide how best to address a variety of issues that will profoundly impact the country for decades to come. A recent poll by Harvard University is predicting a historically high voter turnout among Americans under age 30, with 40 percent reporting they “will definitely” vote in this midterm election. [Read More]

Jobs smash estimates with gain of 250,000, wage gains pass 3% for first time since recession (CNBC)

Job growth blew past expectations in October and year-over-year wage gains jumped past 3 percent for the first time since the Great Recession, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Nonfarm payrolls powered up by 250,000 for the month, well ahead of Refinitiv estimates of 190,000. The unemployment rate stayed at 3.7 percent, the lowest since December 1969.

“The job market is doing remarkably well, particularly this late in the expansion,” said Jim Baird, partner and chief investment officer for Plante Moran Financial Advisors. “This report adds yet another data point to a narrative that has been positive for the labor market this year. Little seems to stand in the way of the economy finishing 2018 out on solid footing.” [Read More]


Alec Baldwin was arrested in NYC Friday morning … TMZ has learned.

Witnesses tell us … the actor got into an argument with another man over a parking spot near 10th Street and 5th Avenue. Our law enforcement sources tell us Alec had a friend holding the spot for him, but the other man swooped in.

We’re told Baldwin became irate, an argument ensued, and Baldwin punched the man in the jaw. The alleged victim, a 49-year-old male, was taken to the hospital. [Read More]

Obama harassed by hecklers in Florida (Washington Examiner)

Former President Barack Obama on Friday was heckled several times in a Florida appearance to help Democrats, and said the heckling shows Republicans are already angry about losing ground in next week’s midterm elections.

“We’re OK, we’re OK,” Obama said after the first heckler interrupted his remarks in Miami.

“This is what I look forward to, is to have a few hecklers to get me back in the mood,” he said to cheers. “It’s like I enjoy that. You always got to have a few in order to know that you’re on the campaign trail.” [Read More]

Klukowski: How Trump Could Win on Birthright Citizenship (Breitbart)

President Donald Trump is considering an executive order restricting birthright citizenship for illegal aliens’ children, which could create a Supreme Court test case that could end that misinterpretation of the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment, either through presidential action or through legislation.

The original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Citizenship Clause promises birthright citizenship to people born on U.S. soil only if they are not citizens of a foreign nation, giving Congress the option of denying citizenship to the children of foreigners. Critics would be wise to hold off criticizing President Trump’s planned executive order focusing on illegal aliens until they see what is in it.

Everyone is suddenly talking about the first clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which provides, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” [Read More]



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